Friday, April 26, 2013

Battle of Obernzell – 3rd September 1813

Tactical Map at start of battle
10th Bavarian division has orders to attack Oberenzell
9th Bavarian division has orders to support 10th division
1st Austrian division has orders to hold Obernzell
2nd Austrian division has orders to move south of Obernzell

Table at start of battle
Obernzell is centre right
Centre road leads to Passau (left) and Rohrbach (right)
Bottom right road leads to Withering
River can only be crossed by a bridge

1st Austrian division in and around Obernzell
2nd Austrian division arrive centre right start of move 1
10th Bavarian division arrive centre left start of move 1
9th Bavarian division arrive centre left start of move 5

Each division has 3200 infantry, 400 cavalry and 400 gunners

Move 1 – 0800 to 0900
Left – 10th Bavarian division arrive and start to cross bridge
Right - 2nd Austrian division arrive centre right move south of town

Move 2 – 0900 to 1000

Left - 10th Bavarian division starts to deploy south of bridge
Right - 1st Austrian division move towards hill

Move 3 – 1000 to 1100

Left – Bavarians continue to deploy between bridge and hill
Right - 1st Austrian division continue to move towards hill

Move 4 – 1100 to 1200

Left - 10th Bavarian division complete deployment between bridge and hill
Right - 1st Austrian division cavalry deploy on hill

Move 5 – 1200 to 1300

Left – 9th Bavarian division arrive and start to cross bridge
         10th Bavarian division receive orders to advance and engage enemy
Right – 1st Austrian division cavalry move to observe Bavarians
             2nd Austrian division receive orders to advance and attack bridge

Cavalry melee

Bavarian light cavalry charge Austrian dragoons on hill
Dragoons counter charge, but lose melee suffer 10% casualties and rout
Note – Bavarian cavalry have high dice roll of 10, resulting in enemy rout

Move 6 – 1300 to 1400

Left – 9th Bavarian division continue to deploy to north of road
          10th Bavarian division form square, cavalry charge Austrian cavalry
Right – 1st Austrian division change orders to Halt after losing cavalry melee
              Infantry form square and artillery unlimber behind hill
             2nd Austrian division advance either side of road

Move 7 – 1400 to 1500

Left – Bavarians continue to deploy east of bridge
Right – Austrians are ordered to concentrate in front of town

Move 8 – 1500 to 1600

Left – Bavarians artillery opens fire on Austrian centre
           9th division move to occupy hill to outflank enemy        
Right – Austrians artillery open fire on Bavarian centre
             Hussar brigade rallies behind the hill      

Both sides start to suffer casualties
Bavarians are looking for a way to outflank the Austrians rather than advance into the killing zone in the centre.

Move 9 – 1600 to 1700

Left – Bavarian artillery pound Austrian infantry
           Bavarian cavalry advance to edge of hill overlooking shaken infantry
Right - Austrian gunners return fire, but are unable to subdue enemy gunners
              Two infantry squares on left flank are shaken (yellow marker) due to casualties

Cavalry v square

Bavarian cavalry overlook two Austrian infantry squares protecting the left flank
On the left is a grenadier brigade, on the right a militia square
The cavalry charge, and rout, the grenadiers.
The grenadiers rout into the gunners, who pass their morale but are disordered due to rout
The militia have test their morale due to rout within 4”, they also pass morale
The cavalry test to see whether they have to pursue

Move 10 – 1700 to 1800

Left – 10th Bavarian division are climbing the hill in support of the cavalry
           The cavalry have withdrawn to the hill disordered after their charge
           9th Bavarian division have sent one brigade to occupy the farm
           Their cavalry are covering the flank near the farm
           They are ordered to Hold as it is too late to reach the enemy before nightfall
Right – 1st Austrian division (top) are holding their position
             2nd Austrian division have lost their cavalry and grenadiers who are in rout
             Gunners have abandoned their guns and found shelter in the nearby square

Move 11 – 1800 to 1900

Left – Bavarian left have occupied the farm
           Bavarian right have occupied the hill
           Cavalry are held in check by Austrian squares

Right – Austrian corps is holding its position to recover their guns
             Square on the far left have moved forward to hold cavalry on hill
            Gunners have returned to their guns under cover of the square

Move 12 – 1900 to 2000

Left – Both Bavarian divisions have orders to hold their position
Right – Austrian corps has recovered their guns and prepare to retreat

1st Austrian corps has lost 480 infantry and 40 cavalry
7th Bavarian corps has lost 240 infantry and 40 gunners

The Austrians have one infantry and one cavalry brigade in rout

General Wrede has achieved his objective of crossing the river Inn and establishing a strong bridge head on the eastern bank

General Lichtenstein is outflanked, has lost one infantry brigade and half of his cavalry are in rout.   He is unable to hold his present position.

During the night he retreats towards Rohrbach