Thursday, March 28, 2013

French Order of Battle

Commander in Chief          Marshal Oudinot                Gifted

7th Corps (north)

Commander                      General Wrede                 Poor
9 Bavarian division            General Legrange             Average
10 Bavarian division           General Beckers               Poor

8th  corps (centre)

Commander                      General Bertrand              Average
5 French division               General Maison                 Average
11 Bavarian division           General Lamotte               Poor

9th corps (south)

Commander                      General Vandamme                    Average
4 French division               General Vial                      Average
12 Baden division              General Stockhorn            Poor
Army Reserve   
Commander                      Marshal Oudinot                Gifted
2 French division               General Dumoustier                    Average

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Austrian Order of Battle

Commander in Chief          Archduke Charles              Poor

1 Austrian Corps (North) 
Commander                      General Lichtenstein          Average
1 Austrian division             General Bubna                  Poor
2 Austrian division             General Mohr                    Poor

2 Austrian Corps (Centre)  

Commander                      General Klenau                 Poor

3 Austrian division             General Hohenlohe           Average
4 Austrian division             General Mayer                  Poor

3 Austrian Corps (South)   

Commander                      General Merveldt              Poor

5 Austrian division             General Wimpffen             Average
6 Austrian division             General Lederer                Poor
Army Reserve  
Commander                      Archduke Charles              Poor
7 Austrian division             General Gyulai                  Average